A Distant Mirror

by Skeletons

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(Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the artwork I am using as the cover artwork for this album. Should the owner of these rights wish me to remove it, I will gladly do so)


released April 21, 2014

Dominic Goulding - Vocals & All Instruments

All Music and Lyrics by Dominic Goulding



all rights reserved


Skeletons Merseyside, UK

"A world of engaging horror and convincing mish-mash of styles all wrapped up in a blanket of memorable riffs "
- Neil Arnold, Metal Forces Magazine

"Stories of Agony, Madness & Death evoking the cavernous, dark and ominous vocal presence of Danzig."
- Javier Carrillo, Verdadera Radio Online

Grunge/Doom/Sludge Metal project helmed by Dominic Goulding.
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Track Name: Branded at Birth
Gathering under the Mark of Death
Miasma seeps from our blackened breath

Gather under the Mark of Death
Miasma seeps from our blackened breath
In this dark Realm of Decay
A Covenant with a God Insane
Wage a war on all living flesh
Lay to waste - laid to rest
Tear the meat from their feeble bones
Spit disease in the open wounds

Branded at birth; cursed to dwell beneath the earth
I see no light - I don't see anything
Branded at birth; cursed to dwell beneath the earth
I taste the blood - the blood that sets me free

Tear the meat away from their feeble bones
Spit disease into the open wounds
Track Name: Xanthous
Exiled by God's own hand
To this dead, forsaken land
Punishment for avarice
For the pride I felt within

I am The Yellow King - A King of Disease
My blood is sick and cursed; upon Pure Blood I feed

Cast down with blighted form
Bloated, oozing and sore
My kin ease wounds that won't heal
To preserve my sanity
I am concealed

Blood from flesh-wounds is not enough
Only bleeding that kills is sustenance
That is the blood that is laced with true fear
That is the blood that tastes so sweet
Track Name: Grinding the Bones
Heart pounding - hands tremble
Eyes widening
Thrust the spear - swing the hammer
Feel the bloodlust setting in
For the Lord - For the Land
For the Sun and the Stars and the Moon
Gaping abyss - beckoning
Corrupting Darkness closing in

To the death - bitter end
Iron will is shattering
Sworn Protector - Champion
Shouldered burden of mortal men
By the light - By the Gods
Sacred Vigil will never fall
Gaping abyss - beckoning
Corrupting Darkness closing in

Their Souls crumble
Their armour rusts
Silent Sentinel
Grinding their bones into dust
Track Name: A Distant Mirror
They cut the rope and I fell down
Into a Darkness where I drowned
The Sun I once knew seems a million miles away
And now I stand before this Kiln of Life in Prophecy

But these flames they lick my flesh and strip me to the bone
Engulfed in roaring fire - betrayed by serpent tongue
Blasphemy past Blackened Gates guised as Pilgrimage
Behold my Unholy Prize - Imprisoned in Undeath

And now the embers fade and I am alone again
My Sun is lost beyond both sky and subterrania
I'm feeling hollow - my will is draining out of me
Through my obsession I am slipping into insanity

A Distant Mirror
A fallacy
All Sick and Twisted
Devouring your Dreams

No Sun
In this Dying Place
No Hope
This Distant Mirror breaks