Skinning Angels [Demo]

by Skeletons

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(Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the artwork I am using as the cover artwork for this album. Should the owner of these rights wish me to remove it, I will gladly do so)


released December 30, 2011

Dominic Goulding - Vocals & All Instruments

All Music and Lyrics by Dominic Goulding



all rights reserved


Skeletons Merseyside, UK

"A world of engaging horror and convincing mish-mash of styles all wrapped up in a blanket of memorable riffs "
- Neil Arnold, Metal Forces Magazine

"Stories of Agony, Madness & Death evoking the cavernous, dark and ominous vocal presence of Danzig."
- Javier Carrillo, Verdadera Radio Online

Grunge/Doom/Sludge Metal project helmed by Dominic Goulding.
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Track Name: Morgue Party
Lost in a haze; my mind is gone
It must have been the flesh I ate
I got a remedy for all your pain
Just close your eyes and slip away

I can't think of a Goddamn thing
To make me feel more alive
I kick you down into a shallow grave
And I slice you open wide

You're in a daze; there's something wrong
You're nothing but a sack of meat
Just broken bones all tied up with veins
Inherently weak

Drink - smoke - inject
Morgue party fucking; she deepthroats the dead
Rape - murder - suicide
Lace my blood with cyanide

...and watch me die...
Track Name: They All Float Down Here

Under your town
In a place you don't want to know
When you are down here with me
You will float

I wanna take some time for you
To truly know my name
I'll make you stare into my deadlights
And you'll never breathe again

We are all the dead kids

I am the eater of Worlds
In the Ritual of Chud
Can you hear my voice call
From this drain filled with blood
I'm eternal - unending
I do not know defeat
And I fill you with fear
Just like salting the meat
Track Name: God's Creatures (Skinning Angels)
Suffering engulfed in flesh
Trapped in sinew and bone
Swallowed up by human filth
Rotten organic drone

Pale and pure
My angel carved from human skin
Stretched thin across your beating heart
Decayed and old but warm within

My angel screams to me
I am the night
Red meat to get you wet
I am the light

Swollen - choked
Buried where no flowers bloom
Bloodless - drained
Secreted in this rancid tomb

There is no afterlife
Track Name: Balberith
Come let's go and make your Father blind
For such a sight would blind a father's eyes
Crippled insects twitch in bloodclot hives
Come with me and cut the ties that bind

Cower down in the corner, baby
Whimper like a beaten dog
I slither through your veins
I am your fucking god
Race across the landscape - killing
Watch the whole world writhe
I will laugh and you will weep
Under bleeding sky

Old and grey the walls that bind you here
Trapped in a well of thorns
Fingers bleed to scale your bleak, dull hell
I will whip and you will conform

Balberith teach me beauty - blasphemy
Staring through Caligula's eyes
I am the face of the modern world
Scarred and hollow inside
Stare into the setting sun
Feel the day as it dies
Does it get you wet to think that Heaven is real
And that your loved ones hear your cries?

I plunge through the flesh
Until the carcass spits out the soul
I create new forms of life
I snap and shape and I remould

I take the pieces
And force them into place
I craft so lovingly
A grotesque deformed wretch
I want this begging whore
I need it's life
We entered the world when the man from Galilee was crucified

Cut out my eyes to make you see