by Skeletons

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"A world of engaging horror and convincing mish-mash of styles all wrapped up in a blanket of memorable riffs"

- Neil Arnold, Metal Forces Magazine

"The sludge masters increase their repertoire with some modern thrash here, and the result is a more dynamic affair with a strong post-thrash flavour."

- The Thrash Metal Guide

"If you like Acid Bath, this has some similar sounds and melodies, but it touches upon several genre styles."

- Rate Your Music

(Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the artwork I am using as the cover artwork for this album. Should the owner of these rights wish me to remove it, I will gladly do so)


released January 6, 2014

Dominic Goulding - Vocals & Instruments

All Music and Lyrics by Dominic Goulding



all rights reserved


Skeletons Merseyside, UK

"A world of engaging horror and convincing mish-mash of styles all wrapped up in a blanket of memorable riffs "
- Neil Arnold, Metal Forces Magazine

"Stories of Agony, Madness & Death evoking the cavernous, dark and ominous vocal presence of Danzig."
- Javier Carrillo, Verdadera Radio Online

Grunge/Doom/Sludge Metal project helmed by Dominic Goulding.
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Track Name: A Lonely Place of Dying
A lonely place of dying
Wrapped and bound; your limbs
Commit your faith to love or blood
And your ending can begin

A dark house through stagnant air
Reeking of fear
An omen smeared in your Mother's blood
Upon your bathroom mirror
A sickness of screaming knives
Languished in rust
Behold how they ache and starve
How they squirm in lust

Devours worlds
Bloodless and cold

Don't trust in God
Don't trust in love
Don't trust in man
I Don't trust in anything
Except the blade within my hands

A dark house through stagnant air
Reeking of fear
An omen smeared in your Mother's blood
Upon your bathroom mirror
Six feet deep; a nameless grave
Where the insects twitch
I commit your worthless body to the ground
Dropped into this ditch

A lonely place of dying
Wrapped and bound; your limbs / Rope burns at your wrists / Contusions on your skin
Commit yourself to love or blood
And your ending can begin
Track Name: Mantis
I'm drained - I'm blind
I lay weary
Tearing out my own eyes
As she sucks the meat from me

I am sex and I am death
Cannibal aphrodisiac
I am life and I give breath
Glimmering in the black

I spit blood in the face of God
I give life forevermore
Sustained by flesh alike my own
Devour and leave only bones
All our monarchs lying dead
Unending urge that must be fed
As this holy copulation ends
Give yourself to nothingness

Track Name: Texas Burial
What would you give just to feel something?
It happens here and it should be understood
This daily dirge - so pale and grey
And the streets are running red with blood

I can see the earth covering your hollow eyes
I can hear the dirt smothering your empty cries

We're making a stand - we're digging a grave
You ain't the first and you sure won't be the last
All the pleading screams of soulless meat
It breaks my heart to see you die so fast

Now you're gonna have a lot of time to think on your sins, boy
Why do we build what is so easily destroyed?
One last look to the sun and we drive these coffin nails
These brittle bones - this useless flesh; we are all set to fail
Track Name: Skinning Angels
Suffering engulfed in flesh
Trapped in sinew and bone
Swallowed up by human filth
Rotten organic drone

Pale and pure
My Angel carved in human skin
Stretched thin across your beating heart
Decayed and old
But warm within

My Angel screams to me
Enter the night
Red meat to get you wet
I am the light

Swollen - choked
Buried where no flowers bloom
Bloodless - drained
Secreted in this rancid tomb
Track Name: Pale Children
The haunting chill of the evening
Dead laughter echoes in waves
Pale children play in the courtyard
Dancing round nameless graves

Wake in the aftermath
Bells toll for your doom
Sickly and translucent
In the dead light of the argent moon

Pale children haunt these grounds
Burned by a thousand suns
That our leaders instigated
Damned to walk upon a dying land
Jaundiced eyes survey one billion grasping hands

Crawl across the cursed earth
Our judgement has begun
Regressed and animal
In the dismal light of a disease-ridden sun

They reach out twitching - shaking
Insectile - mutant - horror
Grotesque - misshapen - writhing
Abortion - aberration

Nuclear Winter
Track Name: The Dead Circus
Burning paper to make things living
A cosmic womb through a doll's glass eyes
Parading it's flesh and begging for death
The sun is burning holes in the sky
My sky

Spitting forth life with the blood I drain
A monarch to the lepers - a god to the insane
Injecting slow death to set me free
Resurrect me through your apathy

My eyes have dried out - scabs - peeling
I see them scaling down my walls
The needles shriek - standing on end
Burrow into my mind with rusted claws
Red claws

Burning paper dolls
Under a blanket of night
These ashes glow to embers
The final gasp of the light
I see an endless void
Nothingness fills my eyes
Injecting slow death
The sun is burning holes in the sky
Track Name: Whiskey, Blood & Voodoo
This humid evening chokes
Mind in a haze
This flesh seems so surreal
In our graveyard game
Drink deep to steel yourself
Under the cold gaze of the dead
We celebrate

Through swarming flies
Our mouths they drip with blood
Divine and high

Carcasses all around
Scenery drips
The Whispers of the Loa
The blood-lust grips
High on the stench of death
This copper taste
Cursed to walk this dying world
And lay all to waste

Now doomed to bear this weight
Marked for the ritual
A sacrificial whore
These open veins let flow
Drowning in gushing red
These mouths in rabid foam
The faces of the dead
Beckoning you on home
Track Name: Starless
Now we will float downstream
Into the black of the night
And all our blood comes clean
Under the glow of the moonlight

Starless is the sky
Empty of life
Starless is the sky
Empty as I

All bodies float downstream
In the dead of the night
And all this blood will drain
Under the glow of the moonlight
Track Name: Morgue Party
Lost in a haze - my mind is gone
It must have been the flesh I ate
I got a remedy for all your pain
Just close your eyes and slip away

I can't think of a Goddamn thing to make me feel more alive
I kick you down into a shallow grave, and I slice you open wide

You're in a daze - there's something wrong
You're nothing but a sack of meat
Just broken bones all tied up with veins
Inherently weak

Drink - Smoke - Inject
Morgue party fucking
She deepthroats the dead
Rape - Murder - Suicide
Lace my glass with cyanide

And watch me die
Track Name: Tombs
Holy water don't ease the suffering
You give me oil for upon my sores
I tore my flesh down to the bone
Gave you my skin to keep you warm
Open tombs they long for silence
Open graves they long to breathe
I gave my life - I gave my soul
Just to see you bleed

I tear the veins - I drink the life - I absorb the soul
I live eternal death and sanguine is the toll
I stand above and crush the insects all below
For I am Tepes, Bringer of eternal woe

I bring death

I seek the crypt to defy sunrise
I'm blind and anguished in the light of Christ
Strip down; annulled from all this sorrow
Blood hunger such a gripping vice
The dead, they are not resting peaceful
Their howls and cries they fill the air
I cast a shadow across this sorry world
A growing plague or hate and fear

I see that blood is life
And I know that life is death