Tripping at the Madhouse Gates

by Skeletons

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"Stories of Agony, Madness & Death evoking the cavernous, dark and ominous vocal presence of Danzig."
- Javier Carrillo, Verdadera Radio Online

"An interesting amalgamation of metal styles, Skeletons offer up a really solid metal album here. Great stuff."
- Chris, Manic Compression

(Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the artwork I am using as the cover artwork for this album. Should the owner of these rights wish me to remove it, I will gladly do so)


released January 2, 2015

Dominic Goulding - Vocals & All Instruments

All Music and Lyrics by Dominic Goulding



all rights reserved


Skeletons Merseyside, UK

"A world of engaging horror and convincing mish-mash of styles all wrapped up in a blanket of memorable riffs "
- Neil Arnold, Metal Forces Magazine

"Stories of Agony, Madness & Death evoking the cavernous, dark and ominous vocal presence of Danzig."
- Javier Carrillo, Verdadera Radio Online

Grunge/Doom/Sludge Metal project helmed by Dominic Goulding.
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Track Name: Xenia
There's a pale girl singing dead songs to the midnight sky
And her madness is reflecting in my eyes
Mama, tell your children not to go where the river runs
For there are wolves high on the stench of virgin blood

She's waiting back there for me out on the porch
Making bloody paper chains of headless dolls
I'm laying in the tall grass clutching my Father's gun
Staring blankly; waiting for the death of the sickly sun

I don't know if I can be any more than I am today

Underneath the stars and through the backwoods
Eating mushrooms; kicking the Earth from beneath us
Mama, tell your children not to go where the river runs
For there are wolves high on the stench of virgin blood

Rays of blinding light intrude through
The boarded windows of this institute
We were alone here
We are at peace here
Track Name: Brainsick
Tripping at the madhouse gates
A sickly land of razorblades
Foaming at the mouths; we rant and rave
Tumbling through wormholes; spinning through dark space

We begin to come down faster
Faces pallid and caked in blood
We spatter spite into the Sun's light
A dying star to mock this world

In the darkness - quivering
I can hear your soul screaming out from underneath your skin
Tangled in dead trees - Dripping with dawn
A Blood Red Sun presiding over what we have done
Fucking like savages; rabid for flesh
In this cemetery where the graves are never left to rest
Glistening and wet - we could be reborn
But, baby, I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't dead bored

Shot-up - dropped out - Brainsick
Fucked up in the head
Track Name: Trapping
Stretched ear to ear
This loveless grin
Profuse bleeding
I still can’t feel a thing

Funeral hands
Jungle heart
Lizard brain
I scape inside
To touch your soul

I rip and rend and tear
But I can’t find it there
Deaf ears listen, dead eyes stare
I couldn’t find it anywhere

Nothing left but blood
Track Name: Blood Medicine
A surgical smile in the City of Suicides
You’ll take your medicine
Hooked up to the tubes – fed to fit their noose
All life begins again
MK Ultra Diplomacy – Mustard Gas efficiency
Gutted at the nave; thankful you’re a slave
Pulling girls from graves

A spoon full of sugar helps the blood go down
And blood makes the world go round

Stepping on skulls in this burial place
Razor-blade pressed to your neck
Formaldehyde; filling you up inside
A beautiful, quivering wreck

Strapped down in the basement
A cold windowless room
I hear them whisper their lust for the dead
White clinical tomb
Nothing if not methodical
Born to this bloodless doom

Outside here all the temples are falling
The stars are shrieking as they're shedding their skin
Let me die a moment in this artificial light
Under God’s dead love we are pale and thin

How are we so empty - when did it begin?

Strapped down in the basement again
Hooked up to the blood medicine
Track Name: Problem of Hell
Behind the railroad tracks the sun begins to dim
Smoke haunts the grounds like a phantom limb
The Problem of Hell; all man-made
Thrown away like a used Band-Aid

I see the tears filling up in your eyes but I know
There’s no suffering – no shame – no guilt – no pain

Still twitching flesh beneath the heaving soil
The air is thick with scorched engine oil
Beneath the eyes of our lord, Jesus Christ
This rusty needle gateway to Paradise
Track Name: Daisy Chains
Daisy chains at the carnival
She dances, splashing blood over my soul
I can hear them screaming out loud
Our hollow eyes stare at the colour TV
Lost in the frames of a dead memory
I can hear the rain coming down

The death of the day runs down my chin
Bleeding like a butterfly pinned
Only dust and scorpions within
There ain’t nothin' underneath my skin

I stare at the sky and it swallows me whole
Lay by the grave of the King of Rock and Roll
Silence is the Devil’s own song
Midnight draws in and it’s singing to me
Dead girls and insects screaming for meat
These tracks have been stained red for so long
So long
Track Name: Meat Wagon
Drop away now; fall away into the void
Even Hell has its rules – there is no freedom of choice
Jumping down bottomless holes in my mind
Gaping death in my face, as my teeth grind

Heresy – Blasphemy
All beamed straight to your TV
The infancy of brainless meat
Abattoirs tower over the concrete
As far as the eye can see; smokestacks swallowing
Season of butchery
Dosed up to the eyeballs
Loaded into the meat wagon

These pills they gave me taste like dying alone

In the distance, drawing ever nearer – the sickly smell
A circle of skinless horses – a work of art for the tolling bell
As I crawl – scrape my bones – I start to see
No escape from the vultures that are closing in on me

Dosed up to the eyeballs - loaded up like a slab of meat
Dosed up to the eyeballs - hurled into the meat wagon
Track Name: Two-Headed Girl
I'm covered in blood at the end of the world
In drop-dead love with my Two-Headed Girl
We watch the moon dropping out of the sky
Our faces grin, twitching on the inside

These steps keep growing downwards
The floor beneath us like tombstone slate
These pills are twisting, winding
I’m coming down but I know it’s far too late

I have many brothers
I am many brothers
Crawling through these mines

Covered in blood at the end of the world
Track Name: Death Parade
Sparks are spitting from the telephone wires
While the Insectocutor snuffs out flies
Good, cheap, American-made
In the distance, factories hum their death parade

The blood on the wall must stay wet
Or the other side will push straight through
My hands scrape across your empty features
Shivering a sickly fever, dreaming of our doom

The blood on the wall must stay wet through this fever dream

The apartment roof is open
It's always raining skulls
A pile of faceless corpses in the centre of the floor
Caressing my straight razor
I’m drawing blood again
As I sit and contemplate how deathly bored I am

Fiends write madness on the shutters; lit only by flames
She dances splashing blood on the stars; reflected in window panes
Twitching uncontrollably – numbed by a neon Messiah
Dreams of children eaten by insects – Injecting liquid fire

Never enough blood smeared upon the wall
Track Name: Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea
Drifting in and out to radio lines
Sitting here pulling wings off flies
The family dog is crucified
In the back yard where the insects hide
Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea
Alice through the looking glass; broken and bloody
Knife pressed up against her throat
Pulling back her hair; she chokes

Dancing in your Mother's skin
Laughing like a harlequin
Spirals swirling in her eyes
Milky white and glaring at the sky

A red horizon frames the garden shed
Rusty shears hung on the clothesline glint over my head
Down to the well to the speaking skull
Who rests where the long shadows fear to grow
Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea
Alice through the looking glass; broken and bloody
Turning now she snaps my wrists
Blade deep in my ribs; she twists

Blood is dripping down my chin
Consumed by the haemorrhaging
Spirals filling up my eyes
Milky white; I gaze dead at the sky

Slithering; starved of death
Fiends spit their mocking breath
Watching, they masturbate
Tearing alien flesh
Cockroaches screech from the walls
Reluctant art-forms crawl
Snuff movie celluloids
In the bathroom stall
Track Name: Incubation Manifesto
Cheap skin - so easily subjugated
Imprisoned here before our first breath
Their minds - completely inseminated
Shoot out your TV, sit in the dark - wait for death

Young, free and high
Buried under the sky
The eyes of this meat - blank
Our lives set to a tedious laugh-track

Fucked brain-dead; led back to the hive
For the young to grow inside your flesh
Empty carcass - gnawed of soul and life
Gestated larvae burst out from your chest

The revolution won't be televised
It will never come - let your pipe dreams die
Sever the voices of reason
And leave them behind

You won't mind if I sing about your corpse
I think that you would have wanted it this way
Another day bled pale of all remorse
Another worthless day

I will do nothing
I will not comply
This world is fucked
And I only came to watch it die
Track Name: The White Room
Another day chasing smoke through the breeze
These pills are strange but they don’t put me at ease
I feel her grasp my hand but I missed what she said
I turn to her and she looks so dead

My face is tearing as I force a smile

The trees are drinking up the blood through their roots
The worms are screaming with graveyard truth
Hospital corridors close off where we could run
I know that soon we will be long gone

My face is tearing as I force a smile
I hold her tightly and whisper, “We’ll be here for a while”

And now my blood is splashing red on your tomb
Strapped down and beaten in this paling white room
I don’t believe the Sun can rise another time
For it is tired and its light has made me blind
Track Name: Sunshine Song
If someone doesn’t die soon, she will never get off
My baby bleeds like sunshine – Psychedelic Death Rock
I can feel your disease squirming in my veins
There’s a killer at the Freak Show with a cherubim face
Thalidomide dreams – lost in space
I herald the death of the human race

Convulse in lunacy
Funeral Home Mutiny
Technicolor like LSD
Living Room Lobotomy

For everything; a place
For every corpse; a grave
I heard that Jesus Saves
Why would I care, anyway?

Blank canvas; dead-eyed doll
Push my hate through the back of your skull
Overdose on Tylenol
Foaming at the mouth free and uncontrolled
Rising tide in the sea of black bile
I haven’t opened my veins up in a while
Breathing in the fresh air, cracking a smile
Tourniquets and blood on the bathroom tile

Split the flesh
Fuck the wound
Salt the earth
Swallow doom
Life springs forth anew
From Mother Nature’s Womb
Track Name: Our Paradise
Self-flagellation in the under-croft
Whip drawing red as he masturbates in shame over his own suffering
A cockroach crawling into his mind; barbed limbs twitching, burrowing – it hissed like radio static
“I am the voice of God”
His revelation came somewhere between the blood and cum
A straight razor and a whore would be his altar

Fading like a fever dream we drove out of the long metal tunnel
Still high on shrooms, we turned off of the freeway onto the open desert road
Night Sky
And I felt like I could reach out and tear the skin off the stars
I turned up the radio and took a long drag from the joint
She turned to me and asked “do you believe in Heaven?”
I told her that I did
We swerved and mowed down the hitchhiker
I could hear him screaming for help almost instantly
Frenzied, we started to fuck in the night heat – primal and furious
He was gasping and gagging on his own blood as we writhed silhouetted against the now rising sun
I saw him watching us like some pitiful voyeur, and I felt sick
They say sex is art
But death…
Death is truly art

And I do believe in Heaven but I know the Lord has abandoned us
Our paradise must be sculpted on Earth from this squalid flesh; an affront to an Old, Redundant God
I carve at flint, at rocks, at bones – sharpening and strengthening; Neanderthal warfare
I take the makeshift axe in my hand
And walk down the oncoming lane of the highway towards the setting sun
Screaming at the sky